We have made many positive steps in the past 32 years to work towards a greener, cleaner and more socially responsible Jellybean – here’s how…

Our Communities – Charities We Support

Our Industry – We work closely with two of the industry’s leading charities –Hospitality Action and Springboard, providing free strategic marketing advice and design services, as well as initiating various fund raising activities at Jellybean. Barely a month goes by when we’re not wearing pants outside our trousers or impressing one another with our delicious homemade creations. All in the name of a good cause, of course!


Global Charity Support – Since the business started 32 years ago we have sponsored a child via Plan International for every person employed at Jellybean. We currently have 27 children around the world from Cambodia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mali, Togo, Uganda, Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, Equador, Sudan, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Egypt who we have been able to help with vital education and subsistence to ensure they have a sustainable start in life.

The Safe School Project 2019 – The Safe School Project in the Gambella region of Ethiopa helps refugees access safe and high quality education. This is a wonderful project which reached 39,550 children aged 3-14, many of whom had gone through the terrifying and scarring experience of fleeing their homes in South Sudan.

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Girls Education in Zimbabwe 2020 – this year we are helping marginalised girls in Zimbabwe, one of the world’s poorest countries, to go on to further education or complete vocational training so they can gain safe fairly -paid employment.

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Local Charity Support – For the past 17 years we have supported the Children with Special Needs Foundation – a Surrey-based charity that provides help, funds and assistance for children with special needs. Fiona, our CEO, is a Patron of the charity and we create their brand, design and marketing material, to ensure that every penny raised goes directly to the point of need. We also support our local community by providing work experience/placements to local schools. Plus, as we upgrade our hardware, we donate computers and other equipment to local schools and charities.

Even More Charity Support – We also support Debra every year. And through various staff charity initiatives including: Race for Life, Macmillan Coffee Morning and Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children – we raise one off donations which are doubled by the agency!

12 Days of giving – Every year Jellybean donates 12 days of our time to charity during the months of November and December. The team helps a wide array of worthwhile causes in a wide variety of ways, using our skills, expertise and sometimes just sheer graft. These range from The British Heart Foundation to Plan International, from Campaign to End Loneliness, from The Leatherhead Youth Project to Children With Special Needs Foundation and of course the hospitality industry charity Hospitality Action.

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Our People – The Beans – It is our people that make Jellybean special and we value their contribution to the business and invest in their future development and careers. We offer internal training via workshops, on the job guidance and informal mentoring as well as external training across industry-based or professional qualifications, which are fully sponsored by the company. We have an annual staff appraisal process (with six-month reviews) where progression planning and individual training needs are identified to ensure we develop everyone’s full potential. We are proud to have been awarded a merit in the MAA Best Awards for Development of Agency Talent.

Jellybean is an equal opportunities employer and offers an apprenticeship programme for school leavers who are paid a fair salary to learn on the job and are sponsored by the company to gain appropriate professional qualifications in PR and Marketing.

Fun and balance – We work hard, we have fun and we take the health and well-being of our people extremely seriously. To ensure we maintain a positive team spirit, which has been the foundation of the company at its inception 32 years ago, we hold regular social events and nights out. Plus we have all the usual health, pension and benefit stuff you’d expect from a caring, sharing agency! We actively encourage our staff to “live well”, offering a corporate rate at the local gym and regularly review how each individual is coping in their role. We conduct regular Employee Satisfaction and Engagement monitoring whereby all employees are able to feed-back confidentially so we can identify areas for improvement. In the most recent survey 100% believe they have a good work life balance and 95% said the hours they are expected to work to get the job done are reasonable. We also involve the team in any change management that impacts them and the business – 95% say the agency keeps them informed about important issues and changes*.

There is also an Ideas Box and staff are positively encouraged to make suggestions across the business and we do our best to act on them. For example, staff get a half day on their birthday and a lie-in post ‘industry do’, so if we’ve been partying till the early hours flying the flag for Jellybean we get a bit longer in bed – yay!

Environment – Workplace & Wider – When the office was re-furbished, we installed a range of eco-friendly/energy saving measures, such as insulation, efficient heating, low wattage lighting and movement sensitive lights to avoid wastage and provide added safety. We recycle all paper and cardboard and use recycled paper, while employees are asked to only print what is absolutely necessary. To minimise our carbon footprint, we initiate video and conference calls with our clients wherever possible or appropriate. Staff are encouraged to car share or use public transport, or better still walk or cycle to work (as we participate in the Cycle to Work Scheme). We use wwf – essentially a non- printable .pdf and work without paper whenever possible. We have also installed state-of-the-art IT systems to provide business efficiencies and save on energy and waste.

Economic – Playing Nicely – We ensure all products and goods are responsibly sourced and treat our suppliers as partners, working with them to achieve the best results. We pride ourselves on building relationships and trust and paying them promptly – aware that cash flow is key to any small business. In this way we ensure an ethical and sustainable supply chain for our business. In short – we work with our suppliers as we would wish to be treated by our clients.
All-in-all we try to be a nice bunch of beans to work with, or amongst, and of course do our best to conserve our environment for the beans of the future!