csr or esg? tbh, it’s all about doing good and here is our story


Environmental Social and Governance are the three key factors used to measure the sustainability and ethical impact of our business. Here we summarise where we are on this journey and set out what jellybean has done and is doing to constantly improve our ESG performance.
Jellybean has always been a socially responsible and ethical agency, so we come from good foundations. However, we needed to formalise our strategy, set out our goals and amalgamate achievements to date together with all planned initiatives to form a clear company policy for ESG. We know it is crucial to engage everyone involved in the business which is why we launched our Beanshot Challenge in October 2021. This initiative generated loads of new ideas and collectively identified additional sustainable action we could take to improve our environmental and social impact, and ensure we practice good governance.

So by the start of 2022 our ESG policy was in place combining all the activity we had been involved in for the past 36 years together with new ideas borne out of our Beanshot challenge. The whole team at the agency were involved and inspired to work together to reassess the way we work and embrace change to reduce our impact on the planet.

Every member of the team has signed up to our Beanifesto pledge which aims to make us a carbon neutral business by January 2026 as well as being a totally ethical business to work with or for. Our view is that small things that work together can not only bring about global change but also ensure that jellybean continues to be a great place to work and a business to be proud to be part of.


This refers to the impact our company has on the conservation and protection of the natural world including waste and pollution, resource depletion, greenhouse gas emission, deforestation, and climate change.

  • We are a climate positive workforce through¬†Ecologi Zerowhereby employees entire (home and work) carbon footprint is offset by planting trees and investing in verified climate crisis solutions
  • We are working with¬†Ecologi Zeroto be a carbon neutral business by January 2026
  • We operate an Electric Car and cycle to work lease purchase scheme (read more)
  • We use the most efficacious eco-friendly cleaning products throughout the premises
  • We use a renewable only energy supplier

  • We operate a car share scheme for all necessary travel to work and client/event meetings and opt to travel on public transport whenever feasible
  • We operate a WFH policy to reduce our travel miles
  • We endeavour to be a paperless office and only print when necessary
  • We use Teams for meeting and conference calls to reduce our travel miles
  • We recycle all waste including food, paper, cardboard and coffee pods
  • We discourage any single use plastic on the premises
  • We‚Äôve appointed a Beanshot Action Team to continuously identify future improvements and changes for the business
  • All jellybean equipment is energy efficient and meets¬†energy star guidelines
  • To improve air quality and well-being we have increased plant presence in the office
  • We have reduced mail to a minimum opting for electronic comms/publications
  • We use only recycled paper and avoid unnecessary over packaging and printing
  • We are involved in community events to clean up local rivers and environs
  • As part of the Beanifesto pledge individuals and teams dedicate time to local green initiatives
  • All our suppliers of digital services are all carbon neutral, and our web host was the first to become so in the UK


This refers to the impact the company has on employees and on society in general including employee relations & diversity, working conditions, including child labour and slavery, local communities; seeks explicitly to fund projects or institutions that will serve poor and underserved communities globally, health and safety and conflict.

  • Since the agency was founded in 1987 we have consistently supported global, local and industry charities
  • We operate an equal opportunities employment policy at jellybean from CV screening through to interview, skills assessment to final appointment
  • We have a head of Diversity and Inclusion on the leadership team to champion this aspect ‚Äď (over 73% of employees are female at jellybean and represent 50% of the LT) (read more)
  • We benchmark all salaries and benefits against industry data to ensure we pay fairly and equitably to all staff at all levels irrespective of gender
  • We are dedicated to staff training and development and have formal two-way annual reviews and appraisals to map progress against set KPIs, gain feedback from peers and identify training needs (on the job, internal workshops, external courses and accredited qualifications). We want all our people to progress and grow in their role and career at the agency and achieve their full potential.

  • We participate quarterly in an industry benchmarking survey (The Alliance) regarding employee engagement and satisfaction and can identify how we perform against our peers and take action to improve.¬†
  • We operate an open-door policy whereby any bean can talk to anyone within the business if they have any concerns
  • We have mental health and physical health first aiders appointed and we do regular mental health checks with the team
  • All employees over one year‚Äôs service can join our private health scheme which includes mental health practitioners and provides access to various support mechanisms
  • We provide all the team with high spec equipment and facilities so that they can work confidently and competently from home or the office
  • We have a WFH and flexi time policy to improve work life balance and mental health for the team and reduce our carbon footprint
  • For over 36 years we have supported Plan International sponsoring a child for every employee around the globe (read more) which means we have helped over 100 children gain basic education, food, water, and shelter to help them get out of the poverty trap.
  • We have built classrooms in refugee camps in Gambella (read more) and we have empowered education of girls in Zimbabwe (read more) as 2 big specific initiatives with Plan International
  • On a more local basis in 2021 we installed a light and sensory system in a local special needs school (read more)
  • We support our industry charity Hospitality Action offering free strategic advice, support, and creative work
  • We sponsored a key industry initiative during lockdown to help the industry get back on its feet (read more)
  • We work pro bono for a number of charities including¬†Debra and¬†CWSNF¬†and have done so for over 22 years and our CEO is a Patron
  • We support local schools with career evenings and work experience
  • We have a regularly updated health and safety policy which all employees are fully conversant with and share any updates as required
  • We have a comprehensive employee handbook which covers all matters relating to employee rights, how to resolve conflict etc
  • All employees have a contract of employment that sets out our codes of conduct and their and our contractual obligations


Is the way in which the board and management conduct themselves and navigate their business including tax strategy, executive remuneration, donations and political lobbying, corruption and bribery and board diversity and structure

  • jellybean has for over 36 years behaved in a financially responsible manner putting the security and welfare of our staff at the forefront of how we operate
  • We treat suppliers as we would want to be treated as partners with respect, courtesy and prompt payment
  • Our annual accounts have been posted for the past 36 years and tax paid as per UK HMRC

  • Executives are remunerated in line with industry benchmarks for salary and benefits and we have no fat cats (the top salary is no more than 2X the average at the agency¬†and appx 4X the lowest paid employee).
  • We operate a bonus scheme for all employees based on overall company performance, team performance against target and individual achievement of KPIs
  • We have processes and policies in place to prevent any breaches of GDPR, confidentiality, corruption, or bribery
  • The leadership team at jellybean represents all operating divisions and all disciplines and everyone has been appointed on merit to represent the team and the business

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