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The Task

Capitalise on the recent Black Hole siting and National Star Wars day opportunity through bespoke doughnuts and tailored PR strategy.

The Solution

As a PR agency it’s integral that our ears are always to the ground, or in this case, on the radio… Listening in to KISS FM’s breakfast show we heard presenter, Tom Green, suggest that the first ever Black Hole sighting (The Guardian, 10.04.19) in fact looked like a doughnut floating in space. “The next thing you’ll know, Doughnut Time or Krispy Kreme will bring out the black hole doughnut” he said. This was of course an opportunity we could not miss and so we pitched the idea to the creative minds at Doughnut Time and within the working day, Doughnut Time’s limited edition Black Hole doughnut was born. We called Tom Green that night letting him know that something out of this world would be landing on his desk the very next morning and of course, a thank you for inspiring us! The next morning during KISS FM’s Breakfast show, Tom bit into his very own Black Hole doughnut. He then filmed himself heading to his nearest Doughnut Time store to see the limited edition doughnuts in store, encouraging his Instagram followers to grab one before they were all gone.

Three weeks later we were back on the radio with Doughnut Time – this time for National Star Wars day! A widely recognised day that provided us with another cause for celebration, but due to the day falling on a Saturday we had to focus on weekend shows – cue Saturday Radio Presenters (rather than Tom). We sent a press release announcing that the limited edition doughnuts had blasted in to stores along with samples of the decadent doughnuts, to a handful of key radio presenters. Using a host of Star Wars puns to honour the deliciously glazed creations, we successfully captured the attention of key presenters including Absolute Radio host Frank Skinner and the doughnuts inspired a segment on the national day and of course featured Doughnut Time’s extraordinary creation.

The Results

Black Hole Doughnut
• 2 minute 33 second feature on KISS FM Breakfast Show reaching 4,626,000 listeners
• Instagram story on KISS FM’s account reaching 166,000 users
• Tweet from KISS FM’s account reaching 606,000 users
• Black Hole doughnuts sold out!

Star Wars Doughnut
• 2 minute 40 second feature on Absolute Radio’s The Frank Skinner Show reaching 1,479,000 listeners
• Tweet from Absolute Radio account reaching 263,000 users
• Tweet from host Frank Skinner’s account reaching 86,400 users
• Instagram post from host Frank Skinner’s account reaching 7,942 users
• A Galaxy Far Far Away doughnuts sold out!

“Quick thinking and a clever proactive PR strategy is key to capturing the attention of consumer journalists. Jellybean delivered exactly this for us, reacting to a mass media news story and making it relevant for a us as confectionery brand. The coverage received on both KISS FM and Absolute Radio gave us enormous exposure, well in to the millions – something that would have been astronomically high if we’d paid for it with advertising.”
Tom Anderson
Owner, Doughnut Time

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