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The Task

To engage with key influencers and media to drive trial and education around the Mutti Essentials range and reach new foodie audiences.

The Solution

Inviting a variety of key foodie and chef influencers that were familiar with Mutti to an exclusive pasta pairing masterclass at Eataly, with Mutti head chef – Carlo Casoni and Mutti ambassador – Gabi Margiotta, to be fully immersed into the brand. The attendees consisted of influencers who we had previously worked with or had used Mutti products in recipe content and aligned with the brand values. Also inviting key media to attend to reach wider foodie audiences.

The evening began with a cocktail masterclass with the Eataly team, showcasing an Italicus spritz. This was a unique Italian drink that attendees hadn’t tried before and were keen to have a go themselves. A great way to ‘break the ice’ and for them to get to know each other.

Using the 4 Mutti Essentials: Polpa, Peeled tomatoes, Passata and Double Concentrate – Chefs Carlo and Gabi demonstrated 4 different pasta recipes. Showing how different types of sauces can be paired with different shapes of pasta. The attendees were put into teams of two and had hands on experience with the products, cooking the dishes together. This was a great educational and interactive masterclass, being able to show the properties of each Mutti Essential in the different sauces and what cook times are suitable.

The attendees were gifted a goody bag with the Mutti Essentials range, recipe cards and some Eataly goodies. This encouraged them to try out the products at home with their favourite recipes or replicate the pasta dishes from the masterclass.

A fabulous fun evening full of delicious food and immersive into the Mutti brand and products.

The Results so far…

The Mutti Essentials masterclass was a great success with 14 key foodie influencers and media attending, and an incredible reach of 1.3 million from coverage of the event. 73 pieces of unique organic posts and stories were posted from the event.

Coverage from the evening on the Mutti Instagram received 12.7k views and 516 engagements.

Positive sentiment and feedback from all attendees who were extremely appreciative to attend the event with Carlo and Gabi, and expressed how much they love Mutti products!

The masterclass did such a brilliant job in educating us on the brand heritage and importance of cooking with this delicious ingredient. Bravo to the team for executing such a brilliant event!
It was honestly my favourite event in a long time and I left feeling even more in love with Mutti than I was before!

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