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the task

In an exciting move Wrapmaster® recently introduced an all-new Wrapmaster® Compostable Cling Film to their foodservice range, driven by the growing demand for sustainable products in professional kitchens. Despite the challenge that the product demanded a premium price point due to raw material costs at a time when chefs are looking to cut costs, Warpmaster® was confident that chefs committed to their sustainability goals would embrace the new sustainable product. We were therefore briefed to create a campaign that aimed to raise awareness of their new offering whilst highlighting Wrapmaster®’s unwavering commitment to sustainability as a company.

the solution

We devised a campaign based around the two key objectives – raising awareness of the new product and showcasing Wrapmaster’s sustainability initiatives. We meticulously planned and executed a multifaceted integrated campaign that encompassed a range of marketing channels and strategic approaches, whilst being cautious to avoid any form of ‘greenwashing’.

We created eye-catching, on-brand visuals and video content showcasing the product’s key selling points and credentials utilising existing imagery and footage to maximise budget. Through captivating language and imagery, we aimed to evoke a sense of responsibility and encourage customers to become a part of Wrapmaster’s sustainability mission – 100% circular.

We harnessed the power of digital to spread awareness and gain traction, utilising trade media channels, social media, and PR, as well as creating supporting digital and print assets to generate buzz and excitement around the product.

the results

The campaign (although still in its early stages in June 2023) has so far garnered significant traction, resulting in a substantial increase in awareness and interest in Wrapmaster’s Compostable Cling Film. Digital figures have already shown notable boosts, solidifying Wrapmaster’s position as a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions.

Through our strategic messaging and thought leadership initiatives, Wrapmaster®‘s commitment to sustainability is clearly resonating with customers, helping to enhance their brand reputation and credibility. The campaign is effectively communicating their dedication to a more sustainable future, fostering customer loyalty, and attracting like-minded buyers, operators, chefs, and wholesalers alike.

“Showcasing our commitment to our 100% circular sustainability mission is core to our business. Working with jellybean we were able to create a compelling campaign for the new Wrapmaster® Compostable Cling Film that shared our journey, inspired chefs, and operators on theirs and above all connected on a practical level with our industry.”
Channel Marketing Manager, Cofresco Foodservice

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