New Food Product Launches

When you’re planning a food product launch the right partner is key. When it comes to food and drink, at Jellybean we’ve ‘bean’ there and launched it, as an integrated, award-winning, specialist food and drink agency – it’s what we do. So, whether you’re launching into foodservice, launching you into retail, launching into convenience, launching direct to consumers, launching in the UK, or launching a new service or restaurant, we’re here to help!

To find out how Jellybean can help with your food product launch fill out the form below and we’ll give you a shout! (In case it sways you at all – yes, we do bring jellybeans to meetings).

Over the past 31 years we’ve tackled new food product launches for brands big and small. We’re the guys (& girls) who launched Twinings, Yorkshire Tea and Danish Crown into foodservice, as well as Almondy & Tipiak into the UK market and Aviko & Gnaw into retail. Not to mention innumerable campaign launches, product & service launches, range launches, positioning launches, rebrand launches and brand extension launches. We certainly know how to make an impression, because first impressions count!

Get in touch today to see how Jellybean can help in your food product launch.

new food product launches

Foodservice Agency - McCormick CampaignUS brand into UK foodservice

New product into foodservice

Foodservice PR Agency - Tipiak FoodserviceFrench brand into UK foodservice

Foodservice brand into retail

Food and Drink Agency - Danish Crown WebsiteNew brand in foodservice

Food Marketing - Essential Cuisine Asian RangeNew range in foodservice

Foodservice Agency - Boyds WebsiteNew brand positioning

Essential Cuisine Gravy CampaignNew campaign in foodservice

French's and Frank'sRelaunching into foodservice


Just fill out the form above or call one of our food service consultants on 01372 227 950. Equally, if you’d like to know a bit more about us (you know, to suss us out a bit) please do have a wander around our website or follow us on…

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