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Influencer marketing is often perceived to be a social media phenomenon. But the power of influencer marketing has been something we have recognised as an agency for decades, well before there even was social media. In every market there are those individuals others look to for inspiration – influencers, if you will.

In the consumer realm they may be celebrities, or just individuals who share their passion on social media and YouTube. Their reach can often eclipse traditional media for certain audiences and the engagement and influence they wield is a powerful tool. Not all influencers have to have huge followings though, micro-influencers can have far higher engagement rates and create more authentic content. Often a mix of influencers, some paid some gifted, can work best to drive reach and engagement through an influencer programme.

Equally, there are trade influencers in foodservice, hospitality, and convenience. Chefs who other chefs look up to like our Philly Five or convenience store owners that their peers look to for inspiration.

Our range of influencer marketing services include:

  • Food and drink influencer gifting

  • Food and drink influencer paid partnerships

  • Food and drink influencer networks

  • Food and drink influencer events

  • Consumer influencers

  • Chef influencers

  • Convenience store influencers

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