It’s that time of year when you log onto Instagram and your feed is flooded with the latest NPD food and drink the world has to offer… but all is not as it seems.

We’ve collated some of our favourite April Fool’s pranks we saw this year – and honestly, some aren’t too bad!

Innocent Smoothies – Adult Grape Juice

Innocent is well-known for their jokey content and hilarious brand engagement, and April Fool’s is no different!

This year, it launched Adult Grape Juice – over 18s only.  Maybe not one for the packed lunch, but delicious nonetheless, we’re sure.

Leon – Aioli Toothpaste

There’s nothing worse than garlicky breath, but for LEON, apparently, there’s nothing better, as 2024 saw the launch of Aioli Brite Toothpaste.

Turns out, you might not need to get to the main course before you give your date the ick!

The Gin Kitchen – AI Gin

Looking for the perfect gift for your loved one? Why not buy them a gin, tailored specifically to their DNA? The Gin Kitchen have developed an algorithm, named DAVE, to use AI and develop the finest gin on the planet.

Sounds good to us!

 Cadbury – Straighty Waighty

Move over Curly Wurly, there’s a new sleek chocolate bar in town.

Heinz- Ketchup Toning Shampoo

Mayonnaise can make a brilliant hair mask, and Heinz continued the trend of condiment haircare this year, with a toning shampoo, perfect for hydrating and repairing hair.

 McDonald’s – Left-Handed Nugget

 First, we had left-handed scissors, then we had left-handed golf clubs and now… a nugget!

Ergonomic and perfect for dipping, this new nugget will go with any sauce – why not give it a go with a jellybean fave, Frank’s Hot Sauce!

Ant & Dec – New Business Owners

The food and drink industry is no stranger to a pop-up, and there’s a celeb-run opening coming soon from TV’s very own Ant & Dec. Following the success of Taste Mates, the duo is also releasing their very own cookbook!

 Napolina – Snapped

One to anger any Italian!

If you’ve ever found that your Spaghetti is too long for your saucepan, Napolina has the solution – Spaghetti Snapped!

We don’t understand the annoyance, because really, it’s still spaghetti, just shorter.

Special Mentions

Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Sainsbury’s and even Kabuto weren’t immune to the fun this year!

And an honorary shoutout to We Are T/ALA and founder Grace Beverley. The active wear brand goes above and beyond, and this year was no different. The brand called on consumers to get their Christmas shopping done early with their TALALALALALALA range of festive fits! As funny as the posts themselves are, I very much enjoy the confused DMs Grace shares on her stories featuring those who don’t quite know her sense of humour.

And last but far from least, did you catch jellybean’s prank in your inbox? If not, you can view it here.

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