If you’ve never heard of the Ninja Creami, it’s a kitchen gadget which allows you to create a multitude of frozen treats – obviously ice cream is a given, but it can also do sorbets, gelatos, milkshakes and smoothie bowls. You simply freeze the ingredients you want in the provided tubs for 24 hours and push a button to work its ‘creamify’ technology, revealing a delicious frozen treat in minutes. Once ‘spun’, you can then add additional treats to mix into the ice cream, such as biscuit chucks, chocolate chips or fruit. It’s not just reserved for indulgent treats either – you can freeze fruits or yogurts to create healthy alternatives too.

I first heard about the Ninja Creami on TikTok. As a foodie who spends a lot of their spare time on TikTok, most of my FYP (For Your Page) is dedicated to the latest food trends from new trending restaurants to recipe hacks or the latest gadgets for the kitchen (the algorithm must know me well!). This summer saw the Ninja Creami shine on TikTok, with people making weird and wonderful ice cream flavours at the push of a button – safe to say I was influenced and wanted one for myself!

However, this glorious piece of equipment comes with a pretty hefty price tag, and although I really wanted one, I couldn’t initially justify the large investment just for ice cream. After a bit more research and reading countless reviews, I finally caved into buying one – justified only by the fact I found it for half the price second hand. Luckily, I have not regretted this one bit…

I decided to start safe with my first batch, making a super indulgent dark chocolate fudge ice cream. Despite the antagonising time between making the mix and it being frozen enough to ‘spin’, the 24 hours was SO worth it, as it was truly some of the best ice cream I’ve tried in my life.

Ninja Creami

Once I had mastered the basics, I couldn’t resist experimenting with some different flavour combinations including coffee gelato, mango sorbet and cherry ice cream. I’ve even been known to save some reduced to clear strawberries from going to waste by shoving in the freezer to make some delicious strawberry and cream ice cream at a later date.

In the world of kitchen gadgets, the Ninja Creami has become a beloved addition to my collection. If you’re a food enthusiast like me, I highly recommend giving the Ninja Creami a try. It’s an investment that can unlock a world of flavour possibilities and elevate your dessert game to a whole new level. Happy experimenting! We’d love to see your creations so don’t forget to share on socials and tag us in @jellybeanagency