As you may have heard, November marked World Vegan Month, and as Veganuary is just around the corner as well, the need for inspirational, and flavourful plant-based meals you can cook at home has never been higher.

We’ve already delved into why plant-based menu options are here to stay in hospitality.

But, if you’re looking for inspiration for at-home, read on!

We’ve pulled together some of our top vegan picks that we’ve been trying this past month, making this blog a one-stop-shop to help you cut down your meat consumption and carbon footprint by experimenting with some tasty plant-based dishes!


Scrambled Tofu – A vegan take on scrambled eggs, a 100g portion of tofu contains about 8g of protein. On top of toast, that’s you well-fed, and ready for the day ahead!

Porridge – A breakfast staple, why not try swapping out dairy milk for a vegan alternative? My recommendation – coconut milk with chia seeds!

Smashed Avocado and Chilli Oil Toast – Need I say more?


Lentil Curry – Did you know, as much as a third of the calories in lentils comes from protein? This makes it the third highest in protein, by weight, of any legume. 100g of lentils can contain just under 10g of protein. Plenty filling and great for heart-health, try swapping out chicken for this plant protein. Not a fan of lentils? Try sweet potato and spinach for a veggie-packed alternative.

Roasted veggies and homemade hummus! – A top pick from our bean Abi, who will be participating in Veganuary 2024. With chickpeas containing 19g of protein per 100g, these nutrient-dense legumes are super versatile.

Bruschetta – Super easy, and a great way to use up tomatoes that have been sitting on your windowsill.

Soup – Soup season has returned! And what better way to use up leftover veggies than with a hearty soup? Whether you favour a classic minestrone, warming pumpkin, or chunky vegetable, pair with your favourite toast or toastie for a delicious lunch to keep you warm this winter.


Sticky Garlic Aubergines on Sushi Rice – Our resident Instagram cook Melis loves sticky garlic aubergines on sushi rice! She’s been kind enough to share her easy recipe for a delicious week-night meal!

  1. Roast your aubergines until they’re cooked to your liking.
  2. In a pan, fry garlic, spring onions, chillis, black bean sauce, and vegan oyster sauce and cook till done.
  3. Add in your aubergine and stir all together.
  4. Pair with sushi rice and enjoy!

Risotto – Another great way to use up leftover veggies, and the variations are endless. Our go-to is squash, pea and truffle – mmmm!

Lasagne – Bean Courtney is happy to make a switch from cricket meat (trust us! It’s much tastier than you’d think!) to veggies when making a lasagne at home!

And, because variety is the spice of life, below are some of my favourite foodie bloggers, with great vegan and plant-based recipes for even more inspo!

@natsnourishments – With a feed full of hearty pasta and warming soups, Natalia’s recipes are sure to keep you full this winter.

@georgieeats – I found Georgie on TikTok with her ‘30 Days of Vegan’ series and have enjoyed her content ever since. I’ll be honest, I didn’t realise you could do so much with butter beans!

@thelittleblogofvegan – Holly Jade brings you the ultimate vegan baking inspo, from gingerbread cupcakes to caramel tarts and beyond. Those wanting to eat more plant-based but enjoy a sweet treat (who doesn’t) will want to give Holly a follow!

@Ellysplate – Elly, the self-proclaimed burger queen, has a feed full of mouth-watering recipes and vegan comfort food classics. From breakfast burgers to one-pot wonders, bao buns to skewers, there’s something for everyone on @ellysplate.

@fitgreenmind – Maya’s feed is full of delicious vegan recipes ready to recreate yourself. With dishes inspired by her travels around the world, as well as comfort classics and easy lunches, you won’t be bored scrolling looking for your next meal.

@sophsplantkitchen – Qualified PT Sophie offers wholefood, high-protein vegan recipes packed full of yumminess on her feed. As someone with chickpeas currently hiding at the back of my cupboard, I’ll be taking inspiration from Sophie with warming chickpea stews for my winter lunches!

If you’re taking part in #Veganuary, or have some delicious vegan recipes, tag us in your foodie delights @jellybeanagency!