Raise your hand if you’ve ever planned a holiday around your taste buds!

I confess, I’m smitten by traditional Greek flavours. While getting a nibble of Greek delights in England is charming, there’s nothing like enjoying it straight from the source. So, guided by my ever-hungry stomach, I set sail for Agia Pelagia in Crete this summer. Just a breezy 20-minute drive from Heraklion, this quaint fishing town promised a plateful of authentic Greek yumminess.

Even though Agia Pelagia is a cosy spot, its beachfront is brimming with genuine Greek eateries. Fancy some fresh-off-the-boat fish? Or perhaps diving into a classic Moussaka? And let’s not forget our cheesy friend, Halloumi, and those irresistible dips: Tzatziki and Humous. A taste bud adventure in every bite! Agia Pelagia is the place to be if you’re craving Mediterranean goodness.

Picture me with a foodie’s bucket list and just a week in Agia Pelagia. My culinary quest had me diving fork-first into Spetsofai (beef sausages soaked in tomato and garlic sauce), Greek tapas, and fresh catches from the sea like seabass, swordfish, and oh-so-tender calamari. And how could I resist the allure of Gyros, Greek salad, Moussaka, and their speciality, crispy fried Saganaki? But my go-to delight? Tzatziki with fresh bread…trust me, it’s a million times better than the store-bought version – and the same goes for the humous. Pure bliss in every bite!

Got a sweet tooth? Me too, but I’ll confess – I didn’t venture too far into the dessert landscape. How could I when the Baklava was so addictive it had my wallet crying for mercy! And don’t get me started on the banoffee crêpes – hands down, the dreamiest I’ve ever had! (See pics to make your stomach grumble).

Food aside, there is no better feeling than sitting at a beach front restaurant with a skin kissed glow from a day in the sun and a cold glass of wine, eating your favourite food! If your travels ever bring you to this corner of the world and your tummy starts rumbling, check out my top restaurant picks right here:

  • Akrópolis Restaurant – Front and centre on the beach front, specialising in traditional Greek goodness
  • Zorbas Taverna – Just down the road from Akrópolis, book a table if you want a sea view, this one gets busy fast!
  • Piasta – Coffee, ice cream, cocktails & snacks – for those fussier eaters (good pancakes and full English)
  • Herbs’ Garden (Heraklion) – Great if you’re looking for a harbour view
  • Kalamaki Meat Bar (Heraklion) – Takeaway gyros (10/10)
  • Melba – Salt & Sugar (Heraklion) – The best crêpes you will ever taste

If this summer has seen you partake of some authentic Greek cuisines why not share your favourites with us on our socials @jellybeanagency