Social media and video content are only getting bigger and it’s safe to say that one key element of that – influencer marketing – is here to stay (we should know – as a leading food and drink agency, we’ve worked with some of the biggest influencers in food and drink!). Most brands are already using influencers to help with brand growth and credibility, but how much of your social strategy should rely on the influence of others?

We all know influencers can help brands to expand their reach, but there’s so much more to it than that. We’ve worked with a range of brands, and used influencer marketing to hit their key targets whether it be to grow their following or drive link clicks (check out our recent case study here!) In this blog, I’m going to take you through the importance of influencer marketing and how you can use it as a winning ingredient for your brand.

Why influencer marketing?

There is one stat that sticks out as a clear answer to this question: 8 out of 10 consumers have purchased something after seeing it recommended by an influencer1. Influencer marketing can help brands reach new audiences, showcase products, and most importantly build brand credibility, thereby generating new leads and attracting more customers to your brand.

Picking the right influencer

One of the most important factors when picking an influencer is finding the right person. Influencer marketing is essentially word-of-mouth marketing at scale, and if you hit the right audience, this can mean the right customers.

By partnering with someone who aligns with your brand values and has an authentic connection, it shows brand credibility which will greatly impact consumer purchasing decisions. This is becoming a key factor in influencer marketing, with 63% of marketers agreeing that relatable content was the most effective2.

 Hitting target audiences

A further factor to consider when picking the right influencer is making sure that their audience is right for you. Leveraging the followers of an influencer who caters to your target audience’s interests and demographics is key. This is particularly the case amongst younger generations, with 43% of Gen Z consumers preferring to use influencers to discover new products3.

Engagement vs. following

More than ever an influencer’s engagement rate is the crucial metric when looking to partner with the right influencers. They may have a staggering following, but if their audience isn’t engaging with their content, you’d be better off going with an influencer with a smaller but more engaged following.

 Building relationships

Although one-off partnerships can be effective in hitting your target audience, it is long-term relationships that are most beneficial. Establishing brand ambassadors who consistently promote your brand over time can drive more sales and draw in new customers – with 80% of consumers saying that brand familiarity makes them more likely to buy on social media4.

 Creating effective campaigns

Around 28% of marketers report keeping up with social media trends as a key challenge when it comes to social strategy2. This is where you can utilise the creativity of influencers to produce an effective campaign. Using influencer marketing can show that you are keeping up with the trends (even if personally you struggle to do so) and create captivating content that showcases your products in unique ways.

Measuring success

Once you’ve set up your partnership(s) and launched your campaign, it is always important to measure and evaluate the success of your partnership. This can include capturing a variety of data including reach, engagement rates, click-throughs, sales, etc. By measuring your campaign, you can find out how much your brand is truly getting out of the partnership and can help further your goals in future campaigns.

Despite the recent #deinfluencing hashtag on TikTok, there’s no doubt influencer marketing is now an established tool for food and drink brands looking to grow on socials. It is more than just a trend, it’s a driver of consumer behaviour. Integrating influencer marketing as a key part of your strategy can help expand brand reach, enhance credibility and create lasting connections with consumers.

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