Having just returned from the very beautiful, and very hot, island of Rhodes, I thought I’d share with you some of my foodie favourites from this trip.

Landing at noon, thanks to a very early 6am flight (delightful), we sat down at our hotel’s bar to enjoy a delicious lunch of frozen margaritas and for myself, a Feta sandwich. As a self-proclaimed Feta cheese fan, I was not left disappointed when what appeared to be a whole packet appeared on my plate. This was the start of what I can imagine were a great few days for my sister, as I would exclaim with excitement ‘oooh Feta’ every time I saw a Greek salad on a menu.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Greece without trying Gyros. Translating to ‘turn’, gyros is meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, served or should I say stuffed, in a wrap or pita! This proved to be the perfect poolside snack for lunch!

Another must-have was Souvlaki. The most popular options we found were chicken and pork, but you can get veggie ones too! One dinner, the chicken Souvlaki stood out, and I joyfully chose cheesy-courgette croquettes, bread with fresh hummus and a Greek salad to complete my plate. Feeling the need to finish off dinner with a sweet treat, we picked up some Baklava which hit the spot – and left us looking for more before we returned home!


In the town of Ialysos, you’ll find the locally owned Rosemary Restaurant. Incredibly popular with holiday-goers and locals, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal here.

Starting with a selection of home-baked breads and dips, complete with Tzatziki and a delicious garlicy-mayo, we came across Tiganopsomo – soft, golden fried bread stuffed with … you guessed it – Feta! With a sister who hates cheese, I was left with the difficult job of enjoying it all to myself.

We also sampled Loukoumades, crispy battered cauliflower served with tahini, a great way to help get your 5-a-day in!

For mains, we both opted for the Beef Souvlaki. This came with a delicious smoky-BBQ dipping sauce, wedges and homemade coleslaw. Portion sizes were super generous, so coupled with our cocktails (a refreshing Hugo Spritz), we left very happy!

Rhodes Old Town

Embarking on a trip into the Old Town of Rhodes once the temperatures cooled, we found walking around the walls gave us quite the appetite!

It was here we found La Veranda. Rated #11 out of all the restaurants in Rhodes Town (a cracking find from me, if I do say so), we were greeted by an incredibly friendly service team, and the promise of a fantastic view. As a lover of a London rooftop bar, but not so much of the prices, this find in the heart of the Old Town of Rhodes was delightful. With sea views, and above the bustle of the main streets, La Veranda was the perfect place to watch the sunset and eat your heart out.

Our favourites from the menu were Dolmades, which are vine leaves stuffed with rice followed by Greek dessert – Kataifi. Made of pastry dough, and filled with nuts and sugar, it’s a delicious, sweet treat to end dinner with.

Whilst we didn’t opt in, many diners chose to sample platters heaving with a range of traditional Greek foods. From Souvlaki skewers to Moussaka or Pastitsio (a Grecian take on Lasagne), you’d be spoilt for choice for fresh and authentic cuisine.

With a large drinks menu, and a variety of local wines, we also tried the most delicious Rosé (photo below if you ever take a trip out!) Upon paying, we were treated to Ouzo Coffee; a traditional alcoholic drink with Aniseed flavours, it’s comparable to a much nicer version of Sambuca. We left feeling stuffed, and promptly returned the night after to enjoy much of the same ambience and deliciousness.

Overall, this was a lovely short visit to Greece, filled with delicious food, and refreshing drinks! If you’ve made it to Greece this summer we’d love to hear all about your foodie faves on our socials, so don’t forget to tag us in @jellybeanagency