Cakes are an all-year-round trend – everyone needs cake at least once in the year whether that be for a birthday, wedding or anniversary, the list is endless. They can make any occasion exciting and festive so there’s always an excuse to have cake! As a personal cake maker and lover myself, I have seen and attempted many trends whilst making cakes both for my friends and family as well as having recently started up a small cake business. I have pulled together the best trends of 2023 so far, some I have tried myself and others I’m hoping to try in the near future.

2D Comic Cakes

One of the most impressive trends going round at the beginning of the year was the Comic/Cartoon 2D Cakes, made to look like they had been taken straight out of a comic. Surprisingly these cakes aren’t too tricky to make; essentially they are conventional cakes, however the cartoon effect is given by the black fondant outline to create a 2D appearance.

Top Cake Trends for 2023

Only downfall is they look too perfect to eat!

Lambeth Cakes / Vintage Retro Cakes

The vintage and retro styled cakes are back in trend, and I am here for it. These cakes are so gorgeous, with delicate piping and intricate detail making each design completely unique by using different colour palettes or piping design. The technique of multiple layers of piping has been around for centuries and was popularised in the 1930s by Joseph Lambeth’s book, ‘Lambeth Method of Cake Decoration and Practical Pastries’.


Top Cake Trends for 2023


Bakers and current creators are bringing this design back to life, making this style genuinely timeless. This is a trend I am yet to try but am very excited to test my piping skills when it comes to it.

Square Cakes, a.k.a. Wall Cakes

These cakes are very different in shape and presentation when it come to your standard cakes. They stand tall and rectangular, squared off at each corner by buttercream edges. The style challenges the traditional cake shapes, giving a fresh and modern twist. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone to try a trend like this still allows the style and decor to show the personality of the cake – making each completely unique.

Top Cake Trends for 2023

Arch Cakes

Arch cakes are very similar to the wall cakes and many creators are putting their own spin on this trend by trying out different shapes. With the arch shape being most popular, due to its elegant minimalist design, this style is currently very popular.

Top Cake Trends for 2023

Dried Floral Cakes and Decorative Balls

One trend that’s been around for a while and I don’t see going anywhere any time soon is the dried floral design, this has been popular as an extravagant creation. I believe it’s a very pretty and sophisticated design and can see why it’s a popular trend. As well as this, a similar trend which I’m loving is the coloured decorative balls, I think they are so fun and cute, and add so much character to the cake.

Top Cake Trends for 2023

This is a trend I have personally tried myself as a cake maker in my spare time, and it adds another element to the design. Making the cakes cute and fun and yet so easy to achieve.

Bento Box Cakes

Last but certainly not least, my favourite trend so far has to be the mini bento box cakes. There’s nothing not to love about this, it’s cute, it’s pretty and I class it as one portion, so you don’t have to share! These cakes are miniature versions of larger decorative cakes, however they are packaged in a charming little bento box to-go. They’re perfect for any occasion and most importantly so so cute!

Top Cake Trends for 2023

You can’t tell me these aren’t adorable!

Let us know if you decide to try out any of these trends, tag us on Instagram @jellybeanagency we would love to see!