To start the new year on a high and to tackle my first resolution, I challenged myself to Veganuary. Alongside 700,000 others, I signed up to go vegan for January 2023, in hopes of improving my diet and doing my part for the animals and environment.
The month was a great success, and as February rolled around, I was filled with a real sense of achievement. Going forward, I’m committed to incorporating more plant-based foods into my lifestyle and making substitutes where and when I can – “Veganuary is more than just a pledge”!
Here are the dishes I’ll be continuing to enjoy throughout the rest of 2023…

Homemade concoctions

Banana pancakes

Simple but classic. Mash up those ripened bananas with sugar & flour and whisk in some oat milk. Add maple syrup and berries for sweetness. Super easy.

Vegan Fry-Up

My Favourite Vegan Dishes
The real winner for this dish was my homemade everything bagel seasoning, consisting of garlic & onion granules, poppy seeds, sesame seeds & flaky sea salt.

Coconut Yoghurt Bowl

My Favourite Vegan Dishes
Coconut yoghurt. If you don’t know, get to know. Healthy, creamy, and delicious.


My Favourite Vegan Dishes
Really good tomatoes make all the difference (not to mention a good pinch of Maldon Salt)…

Mushroom & Pecan Gnocci

My Favourite Vegan Dishes
Comfort food in under 20 minutes!

Dining Out

My Favourite Vegan Dishes
A great plant-based restaurant with a few locations across London. I had mango marinated plant chick’n, butternut cranberry red rice, tahini, tomato shaata. 10/10.

Sydney Rocks

My Favourite Vegan Dishes
Avocado, pomegranate & pear on crispy crunchy sourdough – an unusual but tasty pairing (excuse the pun).

Holy Carrot

My Favourite Vegan Dishes
Located in Sloane Square, this 100% plant-based restaurant was fantastic. The Holy Buffalo Oyster Mushroom Wings and ‘Sexy Tofu’ were scrumptious. I’ll certainly be taking a trip back here soon.

To anyone with the slightest interest in trying vegan, I couldn’t recommend it more. The list of benefits never ends!

To learn more and discover tips & tricks for a hassle-free plant-based diet, visit the brilliant Veganuary website.