Air fryers have become increasingly popular over the last few years with no sign of their popularity waning. With more models on the market, from budget to high tech, and plenty of recipes available online and on social media, the trend is at an all-time high. After receiving one for Christmas and being a full-time foodie, I am now fully immersed into the ‘air fryer universe’ and excited to try new dishes.

How do they work?

The great thing about air fryers is that they use an alternative method to deep frying which is a much healthier option, you can simply use a single tablespoon of oil or a low-calorie spray. Hot air is blasted round the basket/tray instead of frying yet still manages to produce the crispiness and crunch that we crave.

Why use them?

Air fryers are super energy efficient, cooking dishes in record time and using less electricity than a standard oven. They may be a pricey initial investment but are worth the energy saving in the long run. They are best suited to a small family or couple, otherwise it may take multiple cooks and would be better to use an oven all in one go for larger households.

Which model?

As you can imagine there are many air fryer options out there and it’s important to choose the right one. They’re available in different cooking capacities and 1 or 2 baskets, make sure to choose one that will be big enough to feed your household or the type of dishes you want to achieve.

Some models offer multi functionality with oven-styles that have rotisserie accessories, or a multi-cooker including a slow cooker or dehydrator. It’s worth reviewing a few different models to see which best fits your needs.

It’s also worth checking that the baskets are removable and also dishwasher safe, to help ensure you can keep your air fryer as clean as possible.

Some top air fryer brands:

What can I cook?

From the ultimate favourite crispy chips to gooey chocolate chip cookies, the air fryer really does it all. My favourite cooks so far have been homestyle fries, super crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and chicken wings – crispy skin yet moist in the middle. Anything from eggs for breakfast to one pot cooks for dinner will work a treat. If you’re in need of some inspiration there’s a plethora of delicious recipes from home chefs on TikTok or try any of your favourite foodie websites.

A lot of recipes take a little bit of trial and error with temperature and time to make sure you get the best end result, with the air fryer being a different type of cook to a traditional oven.

Air fryer recipe inspiration:

Hints & tips

A great way to ensure that you get the crunchy or crispy end product is by coating it with some corn flour – this works best on potatoes and meat. Make sure to flip or toss your food often to help achieve an even cook. You can use parchment paper or filters to add to the tray/basket to avoid any mess or extra clean up.
Happy air frying! Don’t forget to share your recipes and dishes with us on our socials @jellybeanagency