First came Covid and the hospitality world faced a crisis of mammoth proportions, added to that the challenges of Brexit and now we find ourselves in a cost of living and energy crisis. It is relentless.

As the benevolent fund for the hospitality industry, Hospitality Action is often people’s last hope. Supporting those who have worked in the hospitality sector and now find themselves in financial hardship, their services and funds are stretched to breaking point as they have seen a 30% increase in applications for financial support this Autumn. With more than 50% presenting with household arrears placing them at risk of homelessness as we head into winter. Worryingly 35% of their applications reference mental issues, showing the toll the current financial crisis is taking on people.

It is this situation which has promoted Hospitality Action to launch their Emergency Appeal to help those most in need in the Hospitality industry. Mark Lewis, CEO of Hospitality Action had this to say:

“We’ve spoken to pensioners who’ve already turned the gas off through fear of unsustainable bills; mums and dads losing all hope, as they become engulfed by bill after bill; and proprietors contemplating taking their own lives because the responsibility they feel towards their staff is too much to bear. “

As a Hospitality Action Ambassador and MD of leading hospitality and food and drink agency jellybean, I believe it is hugely important that we do what we can to support our industry, which is why Hospitality Action’s Emergency Appeal is my nominated charity for our 12 Days of Giving initiative. Through their grants and support they can help those in dire straits in our industry.

Please do read more about the appeal on Mark’s blog here and give what you can this Christmas on their donations page here.

Or why not buy their Chefs at Home cookbook, the perfect present for the foodie in your life.