Blue Cross has been helping sick, injured, abandoned and homeless pets for more than 125 years and now needs support more than ever due to pets and people facing tough times like never before. This is why I have chosen to support Blue Cross charity this Christmas.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Blue Cross was able to help more than 36,000 pets during this time. This is astonishing and just proves the importance of donations as it helps provide the funding to make this possible.

The amazing work at Blue Cross helps in the following areas:

1) Rehoming
Every year they help thousands of homeless pets get the support they need and the second chance they deserve, in a loving new home.

2) Veterinary
Each year they give veterinary care to over 30,000 pets. They treat homeless pets in their care and help pets when their owners can’t afford private treatment.

3) Campaigning
They urge the government to make changes to the law, that will have a positive impact on pets’ lives, and improve pet welfare.

4) Information and advice
They provide advice to millions of pet owners, and work with young people to educate and inspire the animal lovers of the future.

If you’re interested in supporting this Christmas or in the future, please see for more details.