Conceived by one of Britain’s best chefs and located just a stone’s throw from culinary institutions such as The Ritz and Fortnum’s & Mason’s, you’d be forgiven for thinking that NOTTO may be beyond the budget for a casual get together.

The opposite is true. The two Michelin-starred Phil Howard – who made his name as the chef behind The Square – has opened his latest venture, pasta restaurant NOTTO, with a focus on the very best ingredients, seasonality and affordability.

With eight main pasta dishes to choose from – as well as an excellent selection of starters and snacks – the decision to do a few things exceptionally well, is evident. Focusing in on one cuisine and executing it perfectly has been a key food industry trend for 2022 and is expected to continue into the new year as consumers become more discerning and look for real authenticity when eating out.

And NOTTO certainly fits the bill. From Rome’s favourite Cacio e Pepe to coastal flavours of Squid Ink Spaghetti, Howard serves wonderfully fresh pasta enveloped in beautiful sauces with a selection of wines and cocktails alongside that would keep anyone happy. For extra carb happiness, get the focaccia and parmesan biscuits too. One to add to your ‘must visit’ list in my opinion.