You might be wondering…what’s it really like to work for jellybean?

Well, I thought I would give you some first-hand insight from those of us here who have left to explore the wider world and then in fact returned to work at jellybean (including me!). Currently there are seven of us in total, which I thought was pretty impressive, for an agency of 26 – that’s nearly a third! If people want to come back, it’s definitely an indication that jellybean is, in my opinion, a brilliant place to work.

For me, it has a sense of ‘home’. You’re surrounded by great people, in a close-knit team where you can feel heard, but most importantly, where you can work hard but have fun whilst doing it.
For others who have left and returned – why did you return to jellybean?

The most decent, hard-working and caring people going

“I got the itch to go and travel back in 2017 which meant having to say goodbye to jellybean but when I was finished trekking round Southeast Asia, washing elephants, watching turtles and getting a nice tan, I returned and wanted to get stuck back into my career.
Coming back to jellybean was the best career move I’ve ever made (apart from joining the first-time round). jellybean is made up of the most decent, hard-working and caring people going and I can’t imagine a better group of people to work and laugh with.”

I feel safe and supported

“I feel safe and supported here. jellybean empowers you to be better and do better and is there to support you every step of the way. As an employee you can count on jellybean to always have your back.”

Work / life balance

“The work life balance and the people in the company for sure, plus having the opportunity to work on more video projects which is something I feel passionate about.”

The atmosphere of an amazing agency

“I missed the people and the atmosphere of an amazing agency. Also, the work/life balance and the opportunities within an agency that really listens to its staff.”

The variety of work and creativity of the team

“There’s nothing better than working in the world of food and drink in a role that throws different challenges at me on a daily basis. I love the variety of the work and the creativity of the team around me.”

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