Note to self: when you book a last minute, spontaneous trip to Paris with your vegan friend, make sure you do your foodie research.

If you didn’t know before (which I certainly didn’t), France isn’t the most ‘up to date’ when it comes to vegan and vegetarian options. Practically every menu in traditional Parisian restaurants offers meat-only dishes, with minimal vegetarian choices and zero vegan options – making it impossible for a carnivore and a vegan to eat together *sobs*.

After doing our research, we found multiple vegan-only spots to eat, so, I took one for the team and went vegan for the trip.

At first, I was sceptical…’how am I going to cope without BUTTER croissants?!’ but after our first vegan meal, I was surprisingly converted.

So, if you’re a vegan and happen to be going to Paris, here’s my recommendations to get your tummy full of yummy, tasty, vegan friendly food:

Land & Monkey

A chain of bakeries known for vegan breads, cakes & pastries, plus light meals & coffee.

I put their almond croissant to the test and instantly fell in love. A mixture of soft pastry and gooey almond/chocolate filling – better than a standard almond croissant if you ask me.

Vegan in Paris

Jah Jah

A colourful café featuring plant-based Afro-Caribbean-inspired dishes, including veg bowls & vegan burgers.

I highly recommend this place if you’re into flavourful dishes – I had curried tofu, veggies, sweet potato & avocado dip…can’t really go wrong!

Vegan in Paris

Love Juice Bar

A snug, vegan cafe offering smoothies, avocado toast & other health-conscious bites.

We opted for the yogurt bowls and shared the avocado toast. I’m confident enough to say this was the best meal I’ve ever had. Definitely worth the trip just to try the avocado toast.

Vegan in Paris

Wild & the Moon

Food-to-go or eat in. Wild & the Moon offers a variety of ready-to-go options. As well as delicious snacks. We popped here a few times – try the muffin is all I’ll say.

Vegan in Paris

Cloud Cakes

Plant-based cupcakes, pancakes, pastries & toast at a charming bakery & cafe. I’d recommend this for breakfast, so many wonderful options to chose from and really tasty!

Vegan in Paris

Bisou Bar

Snug, eclectic, pink-hued bar offering made-to-order seasonal cocktails & alfresco seating.

Vegan in Paris

Not necessarily vegan, however, I highly recommend visiting! There is no specific menu, they create their cocktails based on your favourite spirits & flavours/taste!

So, as you can see you may have to seek out good vegan food in Paris but believe me it is well worth hunting down!