We’re encountering some of the hottest weather this country has ever seen, and I for one, am LOVING IT. However, as we’ve reached record-breaking temperatures in the UK this summer, we need to maintain a sensible body temperature, stay hydrated, and ensure we don’t go gaga with the heat.

So, we’ve put together a few of our favourite summer snacks and foodie hacks that are keeping us cool as a cucumber and will hopefully inspire you to do likewise!

  1. Iced Coffee Ice Cube Hack
    You’ve probably all heard of this, but it’s changed my life. If not, it will change yours too. Before making your iced coffee, make a normal one and let it cool. Then decant into an ice tray and freeze into coffee ice cubes. Use these for your iced coffees to stop it getting watered down and gross when the ice cubes melt!
  2. Frozen Fruit in Drinks
    Add a bit of jazz to your drinks this summer by opting for frozen fruit instead of ice! Like hack #1, frozen fruit will release sweet and juicy water, plus a tasty treat for when you finish your drink!
  3. Watermelon Jelly
    This one is satisfying. Cut a watermelon in half and scoop out its flesh. Then blend with a jelly mix. Pour back into the watermelon shell and let it set. Once ready, you can cut delicious, Instagrammable wedges of watermelon jelly and enjoy!
  4. Grape Sweets
    Rinse seedless grapes in cold water and shake dry (this is key), then toss in a sachet of strawberry jelly powder and chuck in the freezer for a couple of hours! What you’re left with are sweet, tingly grape sweets as a delicious summer snack!
  5. Check out the most refreshing non-alcoholic drink on the market
    San Pellegrino’s Limone & Menta is guaranteed to keep you hydrated and happy. Combining zesty lemons and aromatic mint – it’s a winner. To up the game a little, add vodka, sugar syrup, Maldon salt, a dash of lemon juice and heaps of ice, delish.

And of course, we’re especially looking out for our furry friends as they cope with the heat too. Whisky’s been enjoying this chicken flavoured Dog Ice from The Pure Stock Co. It’s healthy and naturally delicious. Visit this link to learn more.

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