Social media marketing is often treated as a numbers game. The bigger the figure, the better you’re doing, but we understand that when it comes to effective marketing, quality always trumps quantity.

Pinterest has a little over 470 million active users – around 830 million fewer than Instagram – which is perhaps why the image sharing app is often written off, but brands overlooking Pinterest are missing out. 98% of Pinterest users try new things they find on the platform and more than half purchase products after seeing them on their home feeds.

Described as an ‘online oasis’, Pinterest has cultivated a positive online environment, driven by people’s desire to be inspired and discover new ideas. Followers go to their feeds for inspiration and look for topics they’re interested in. Pinterest has also made the job of marketing more accessible, with 92% of Pinterest advertisers ranking the platform first for reputation. The positive space translates to better results – people feel more positive about, remember and trust brands who show up in positive places.

One of the main advantages of Pinterest is the shelf life of a post. Pins are said to last up to four months, creating content with longevity. In some cases, you can still receive traffic to posts that are several years old.

And it’s not just consumers who love Pinterest – jellybean’s most recent chef social report ranked Pinterest as the most visual channel and the best for offering up inspiration.

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