Veganuary 2022 is already a record year for the non-profit organisation that is calling for us to ‘protect the planet with our plates’. Just halfway into the campaign month, Veganuary reported more than 600,000 people had pledged to go Vegan across the world – the most ever! Plus, the campaign’s research suggests that potentially 10 times as many people participate, and a significant number continue with plant-based diets beyond the end of the month.

Veganism is evidently becoming far more mainstream with many restaurants and retail brands now launching products to cater for the vegan diet. These launches make it so much easier to go completely vegan, or even try and adapt lifestyles to be slightly more vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian. At jellybean, we love to try new and trending products, which of course means trying these new vegan products and dishes when they launch. We explore some of the best and tastiest vegan offerings below, as voted for by the beans!

Emma – The McPlant from McDonald’s

When McDonald’s announced they would be launching this burger nationwide for Veganuary, I was so excited to try it, after hearing great things from the primary launch in selected restaurants – and I was not disappointed. This burger met all my expectations with a juicy and tasty patty from Beyond Meat, paired perfectly with creamy vegan mayo, vegan cheese and fresh salad. The ultimate way to indulge in McDonald’s and a fast-food fix whilst being vegan.

Kenn – Vegan Raspberry and Banana Dyna Splitz – Bebeto

With 13 different kinds of vegan approved sweets, Bebeto is a go to for vegan treats. I can’t get enough of their Raspberry and Banana Dyna Splitz. Made with real fruit juice, these are honestly so fruity and with just the right amount of chew!

Jess C – New York Style No Salt Beef Roll – Plant Kitchen M&S

It honestly tastes like the real thing – you would never think that it’s vegan. The flavours work really well together – the creaminess of the mustard dressing and vegan cheese (which again, you wouldn’t know is vegan!) balance the sharpness of the sauerkraut and pickles. 100/10.

Clare – Vegan Philly – Philadelphia

Launched just a few weeks ago, I had to give new Plant-Based Philly a go. Just like the original, it’s amazing on bagels and also made a great addition to a pasta sauce for a bit of extra creaminess.

Jess S – Vegan Without Moo Chocolate – Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport is always bringing out a new flavour of chunky chocolate, but their latest launch is a real first… Without Moo is their first vegan branded chocolate bar here in the UK, and I’m here for it! Made with almond paste, it’s so creamy and smooth, you really wouldn’t know there’s no milk chocolate in the bar. Pass me another square!

Gemma – Gold&Green Pulled Oats Spag Bol

A vegan take on this classic, using not beef mince but Gold&Green Pulled Oats (recently crowned Plant-Based Product of the Year in The Caterer Supplier Awards). This simple swap works incredibly well, as the pulled oats absorb the flavours of the tomato and oregano and have a great texture. A perfect filling dinner for these winter evenings.

Abi – Vietnamese-Style Mushroom Banh Mi – Gousto

My favourite Veganuary meal was one I cooked myself from Gousto’s recipe kit box: Vietnamese-Style Mushroom Banh Mi. I loved it because whenever I usually have vegan food it can be slightly bland and tasteless at times, however this meal had so many different flavours and colours, from the 13 plant-based ingredients. Plus, cooking this meal only took 30 minutes, so it was really convenient to make. The sticky-sweet, caramelised mushroom burger filling has to be my favourite part.

Sooz – Thai Green Vegetable Curry with Lime

Another vegan Gousto special. This one is super easy, ready in 30 mins, and tastes incredible! Asian food lends itself so well to vegan diets as you tend to get coconut milk rather than dairy and often veggies can take centre stage. Add in a chilli kick and Thai spices and you have a tasty authentic vegan Thai curry, definitely one to try when you’re choosing your next meals on Gousto!

Have you tried any of these Bean recommendations already? Drop us a message on our socials if you have any other new vegan must-try’s! Veganuary isn’t just for January – it’s a lifestyle!