You may have heard of baked beans, but what about baking beans?

This year, we beans decided to bring a bit of healthy competition into the office via The Great British Bake Off! Soon we had an array of delicious baked goods piling high in the office, from Vanesa’s Strawberry Roulade to Sue’s Pork & Apricot Pie – it was stiff competition from the start. And despite reverting to WFH, the competition continued – much to our family and friends’ delight.

As none of us are pro-bakers, we decided to put a little twist on the competition. We each had a contestant from bake off drawn, and when your contestant was eliminated, you would bake something inspired from that week. We then each voted on the bake out of 10, continuing every week until we had our winners!

There were some notable entries such as Cass’s Focaccia from bread week, Emma’s Jammie Dodgers from Biscuit week and Sooz baked a whole variation of festive bakes after having the winner of bake off!

Unfortunately, we could only have three winners, though these were well deserved.

In third place, we had Alvi with her Chocolate Orange and Caramel Tart.

In second place, we had Vanesa with her Strawberry Roulade.

In first place, we had Liv with her Jaconde sponge, chocolate ganache and coffee buttercream layered cake which was inspired by Giuseppe’s Tiramisu layered cake!!

We will be posting our winner bakes out on our socials so make sure to keep an eye out for these!

Both Alvi and Liv had a great time running and competing in The Great Jellybean Bake Off. And now with covid cases on the rise once more and plans being tentatively cancelled, we thought it important to highlight how you can still commit yourself to moments of fun with friends and colleagues alike. Whether its baking or quiz nights – be sure to reach out and have a laugh with those around you. Utilising nationally cherished TV shows is way a great way to keep things fresh and exciting in the office and at home. Whether you host your own GBBO competition or opt for a more thrilling but less tasty ‘I’m celebrity get me out of here’ themed event. There are many ways of adding intrigue and excitement to your day to day lives – as well as bit of cake!

We love to see your ideas, so if you get to baking yourself or have your own different event, make sure to tag us on twitter and Instagram @jellybeanagency.