Whether you’re embarking on your own health journey or jumping on the back of a new health craze, the past decade has seen increased media attention on healthy living.

The idea that healthy food costs more than junk food is something we hear day in, day out, with many of us telling ourselves ‘We’d like to eat better but can’t afford to’. There is also a strong belief that cooking from scratch costs a fortune, and with takeaway meals priced as low as £1, we have little incentive to change our eating habits.

So, is ‘eating clean costs a fortune’ one of the biggest diet myths going? Or are we all just using it as an excuse to dodge the salads and spend that little bit longer down the biscuit aisle?

MoneySavingHeroes.co.uk have shown that unhealthy eaters are more likely to spend around £25 less during the week on food, saving them around £1,300 a year! It’s understandable when you can pop to the shops and pick up a frozen pizza for less than a pound…and aside from being cheap, they’re deemed tastier, easier to prepare and last for ages.

When you compare the price of a frozen pizza to the likes of fresh blueberries (currently around £3 a pack), there can be as much as a £2 difference in cost, with what seems like more prep time, less of a shelf life and the idea that they’re just not as enjoyable.

But it seems, as a nation, we lack knowledge around healthy eating. Most people would agree that they would eat healthier if it was cheaper – but the issue is, it can be! According to a study from the Institute of Economic Affairs, healthy food can work out cheaper than junk food – they even state that you can get your 5-a-day from as little as 30 pence!

We need to ditch the idea that a healthy & balanced diet will leave a burning hole in our pockets and will be complex to cook. There are hundreds of simple healthy recipes plastered over the internet, which are easy to cook and will also leave your insides singing your praises!

So, in light of the above, below are some tips to help you achieve more of a healthier lifestyle:

  • Freeze your goods – not only can junk food be stored in the freezer, but so can meat, fruit & veg, bread and the rest!
  • Do your research – start Googling simple & healthy recipes to create, so if you’re lacking in time, you can still eat healthily without spending hours in the kitchen!
  • Add some flavour – add herbs & spices to bland dishes to spruce them up a bit…

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