10 Simple Ways to Boost your Website’s Visibility

The lowest hanging fruit in all SEO is in the hands of the least tech savvy people. Writers.

Text on the web is perhaps Google’s favourite content as it is so easily ‘machine readable’.

With some sound advice it’s possible to take your simple blogs, articles, case studies and press releases, and super-charge them into top SEO content that will get you noticed online.

Interested? Keep reading.

1 – Do your keyword research. If you’re content hasn’t been written to feature the sort of phrases that people are entering into Google, then you are missing out. It’s incredible how many top copywriters author content that doesn’t feature a single mention of even one keyword in the content. Don’t make this mistake. Don’t stuff articles, but don’t ignore your keywords.

2 – Titles. Ensure your keyword features into your title, as this is what Google will look at as being the most accurate description of your content.

3 – URL’s. Ensure your keyword features in your URL. Use hyphens to break up words.

4 – Ensure your keywords feature in your first and last paragraph.

5 – Try to use internal linking within your site, where the keyword is the link text. If your article is about ‘fresh apples’, be sure to link to your article from content elsewhere with the link on ‘fresh apples’.

6 – Ensure associated images and videos that feature in your articles have keywords in the file name – Google will look at these also.

7 – Ensure your articles have a ‘meta description’ which features your keywords as well as an accurate description of the article itself.

8 – Ensure your image ALT tags feature a description of the image for the visually impaired, as well as those all-important keywords.

9 – Use multiple headings – Google uses headings from h1 through to h5, where h1 is given greater weighting, getting progressively less weighting as you move to h5. Create meaningful headings featuring your keywords and use as many headings as you can.

10 – Write for the ‘Featured Snippet’ – this is the holy grail of SEO – the large content box at the top of Google search results that is awarded to content that best answers a given search query. Think of questions around your keyword and then write to answer those questions. If your keyword is ‘what can I cook with apples’ then be sure to write a response along the lines of ‘here are some recipes you can cook with apples’.

Simply by implementing the above you can cost effectively boost your website’s SEO and of course always wherever possible ensure copy is just that, i.e., actual copy not an image!