There’s been a nice rumbling around the office in recent weeks. A new energy and excitement that comes from one thing only – live events. As we’ve gone through September, the office has been full of colleagues planning events, attending functions and swapping stories.

As the leading foodservice agency, keeping up to date with industry developments through trade shows, award ceremonies, insight panels or other means has always been high on our agenda. Whilst virtual events provided much-needed updates throughout multiple lockdowns, there’s nothing quite like the buzz of industry professionals coming together in real life.

It’s a sentiment that’s been echoed across the industry. Whilst working with the great team behind The Restaurant Show, we spoke to countless exhibitors, panellists, and attendees about why they deemed the return of live events so important. The resounding response? Hospitality is about people and shared experiences.  Coming together and the value of meeting and talking to others face-to-face should neither be underestimated nor replaced.

COVID-19 has disrupted our industry in so many ways. With the return of live events, it’s good know one small part of our world is returning to normal. Here’s to all the event organisers and hospitality businesses busily preparing for live events once again after 18 months in the wilderness – we look forward to seeing you there!