Anyone who knows me, knows that food and content creation is my jam. Social media marketing and foodie PR makes my heart sing, why? Because it’s all down to the food. Food is life. Food is pleasure. Food is comfort. Afterall, one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well (thanks Virginia Woolf). I’ll go easy on the quotes now.

Working with food has always been an integral part of my life, whether I have been cooking it or learning about it through my travels over the years. When you tune into your passion and share it with the world, that is the best feeling to have…well for me anyway!

Starting up a food blog over 10 years ago now was a way for me to share my recipes and passion for cooking, I never thought I would take it so far and see it develop and grow in the way that it has. But I am so happy it did. Add to this, two Psychology degrees, travelling and working abroad as an English teacher and working in the food industry, you could say I was just a wee bit busy.

Now to the present day, it’s such a pleasure to join the retail and consumer integrated marketing team at jellybean where I’m able to share, and put into practice, so much of what I have learnt whilst having the opportunity to develop my food marketing, pr and social media skillset even further. I’m very excited to start this chapter and hopefully add some cool new flavour to the jellybean team.

If you ask me…an epic retail and consumer integrated marketing team + a passionate foodie & content creator = one tasty dish not to miss! If you’re not already, give our Instagram a follow @jellybeanagency and keep up to date with all the tasty content we’ll be serving!

Side note: I am in love with pan-Asian cuisine, it’s my dream to visit South Korea, anyone want to join me?

지금은 안녕!