Here at jellybean we pride ourselves on our ability to offer clients our expertise across a vast number of specialist subjects. With 25 beans across five divisions, there’s scope to have our fingers in lots of pies and hone our crafts at the same time. Whilst some of us get giddy with excitement at the thought of planning a face to face press launch, others get their kicks from activating shopper marketing solutions, creating video animations and even getting to the heart of a brand with a complete redesign and repositioning project. We’re a close-knit bunch of beans – thanks Microsoft Teams for helping us keep it that way during the past year – and as well as sharing gossip from our out of office lives we make it a priority to regularly share our professional learnings, latest insights, new tools and platforms which we and our clients would benefit from knowing about.

The latest jellybean workshop was run by our Retail & Consumer Integrated Marketing team and focused on Influencer Marketing and TikTok, specifically, why TikTok is becoming increasingly important when it comes to consumer comms.

If you’re thinking it’s a social media platform for adolescents to show off their dancing skills, think again. As of May last year, 26% of TikTok users were aged 18-24 (the youngsters), but 9% were aged 25-34 and this figure only fell to 8% for users aged 35-44! In fact, of the 6 million active users in the month of May 2020, over a quarter of a million were aged 45-54^. Add to this the fact that more than one in ten adults use TikTok to plan their meals* (Baked Feta Pasta, anyone?), it certainly gives FMCG brands food for thought.

With the number of TikTok users in the United Kingdom expected to reach almost 11 million individuals this year^ it’s certainly a platform to take seriously in 2021. But don’t just take our word for it, 35% of marketers in the US, UK and Germany are already planning specifically to use TikTok for influencer marketing throughout 2021 vs. other platforms; Instagram 55%, online ads 43%, TV ads 29%**.

So, I think you’ll agree it’s far more than silly dances. To find out more about how your brand can capitalise on TikTok’s foodie audience, contact

^ Statista Research Department