There’s no question that the hospitality industry has had it tough this past year. From lockdown closures to re-opening with restrictions and social distancing considerations, the hospitality industry has constantly had to re-think their business strategies in order to survive.

Hospitality Action is a charity that helps the industry and its people with support and advice through tough times, such as those of the past year. This year they are raising money to help support vulnerable hospitality workers, through their ‘To Hell and Back’ challenge which will see participants jointly cover 30,693 miles to virtually visit four ‘Hells’ on earth in America and Norway.

I am thrilled to do my bit and be part of the Bean Team which has jointly pledged 535 miles – the distance from Jellybean’s office in Leatherhead to Cornwall and back – by walking 15 miles from 10th-18th June. If you’d like to show your support for this great cause and sponsor us, check out our donations page here. Or if you’d like to help me reach my personal target, look here.