That’s the first thought I had when Fiona asked us to put into words why we’re rising to the challenge of Hospitality Action’s fundraising initiative, ‘To Hell and Back’.

Hospitality has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. My dad spent over twenty years working in the on-trade. My first job was in a Fish & Chip shop when I was 14, I’ve been a pot washer, a waitress, and spent most of my degree working part-time in a student bar (Sorry Mum and Dad – I still got that degree though!)

Hospitality has also given me a career I absolutely love and this year I celebrated 15 years at jellybean. It’s brought some of the most important people to me into my life (I married someone who also works in hospitality), my closest friends and a whole bunch of brilliant people I consider myself very lucky to know.

In a nutshell I owe A LOT to hospitality and it’s time to give back. That’s why I’ve pledged to support Hospitality Action in hitting their 33,000 mile target and raise funds to help people get back on their feet during these still challenging times.

Training has started in earnest. There’s been flooded roads, soggy trainers and snow. But I’m feeling motivated, especially seeing my village spring back into life with people queuing for takeaway coffee, the smell of pub garden BBQs and the laughter of people reunited with their nearest and dearest over a meal.

If you want to help but don’t fancy sporting a sweatband for the cause, let me do it for you! You can help me reach my personal target by donating at

Wish me luck!