No-one needs reminding of the hellhole that was 2020 and whilst recovery is still very much in its infancy, it does at last feel as though we may be heading towards some form of normality.

Closures, changing regulations, tier systems and more, meant the hospitality industry was overwhelmingly affected by the pandemic with everyone from Michelin-starred restaurants to greasy spoons fighting the odds to stay afloat.

And whilst we can all now play our parts to give hospitality a much-needed boost (get yourself down the pub!) we shouldn’t forget the thousands of livelihoods that continue to be impacted in the pandemic’s aftermath.

That’s why industry charity Hospitality Action has launched a new campaign to support individuals in their hour of need and is asking people to go “To Hell and Back” and contribute to a distance of 30,000 miles to raise much needed funds.

And in a mad bid to say yes to every possibility post-lockdown, I will be one of 17 beans in team “It’s Bean Emotional” to participate in a total of 535 miles – or to The Bean Inn, Cornwall and back again.

To support us and (more importantly) the hospitality industry, please take a look at our fundraising page here:

Thank you!