It all kicked off this week when 12 European football teams, including the Premier League “big six” teams, decided to create a breakaway European Super League.

And it went very badly indeed. Those clubs involved scored a dreadful own goal with fans, players, sponsors and even the government, all of whom were vociferous in their condemnation of the idea. Within 48 hours there was a huge U-turn with all six Premier League clubs withdrawing, complete with red-faced public apologies and even a senior resignation from one club. The proposed coup has now effectively collapsed.  What this footballing debacle has clearly shown is that even the biggest football clubs in the world are nothing without their fans. It has reminded everyone that fans ultimately hold the power, and the clubs must listen to and answer to them. So, what you may ask has this got to do with food and drink? Well, much like football clubs, food and drink brands must also answer to and listen to their fans. Without them they are nothing. Some food and drink brands particularly those with links to or associations with football were quick to realise the magnitude of this story and the opportunity it offered for them to show empathy, have some cheeky fun and be part of the conversation. However, what has also been abundantly clear is the understandable silence from those brands who are already direct commercial sponsors of the “big six” football clubs concerned. There is obviously a huge job to be done by those clubs to rebuild trust, not just with fans, but with the high-profile brands associated with them who spend millions in sponsorships and commercial partnerships each season. Do those brands really want to be associated with clubs who have now fallen out so badly with their fans? Time will tell.

Here are a few of those examples of food and drink brands who joined the conversation this week.


Well played to Heineken (a long-term sponsor of the UEFA Champions League) who came up with this unstoppable shot at the pretenders to the Champions League crown.

Mob Kitchen

Even our friends at MOB Kitchen, had a tongue in cheek pop at the proposed league with this cleverly curated post which levelled derision at the elitist notion of the proposed league by applying the same idea to a spoof new food platform.

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Snickers known for its sports marketing cleverly linked its “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign by suggesting those clubs involved were not themselves when they came up with the idea of the Super League.