As I’m fairly new to the ‘bean team’ and learning about the amazing work that Hospitality Action continuously do, I’ve been eager to dive head first into their 2021 initiative ‘To Hell and Back’ to raise funds for the industry that means so much to us all. Together with 16 of my teammates, we are committed to travelling 535 miles to contribute toward HA’s immense 30,000-mile total between 10th – 18th June, through walking/running and cycling (though I think by June 18th, quite a few of us will be crawling toward that G&T at the finishing line).

Pubs, bars and restaurants have been through the ringer over the last 12 months, and together with the easing of restrictions and Hospitality Action, I’m excited to help them on their road to recovery.

Hospitality means a great deal to me, as I’ve spent several years working behind the bar and on the floor, getting paid to socialise and meet new people. In fact, if it weren’t for a job in this industry, I wouldn’t have met Fiona (our CEO) and I wouldn’t be working at jellybean today.

In the seven months that I’ve been working in this amazing team of energetic and bubbly beans, I’ve learnt that we are a group that love to get involved and help where we can. I feel incredibly honoured to be part of this team and play the role of Team Captain of It’s Bean Emotional!

If you’d like to show your support for the team and for hospitality, please take a look at our page here – Or if you’d like to help me reach my personal target, please head over to –