Whether you have an account or not, Tik-Tok trends are hard to hide from and if you are a member of ‘Food Tik Tok’ like myself, you may have been influenced to try a trend or two over this lockdown period.

One of the latest new crazes ties in perfectly with one of my favourite days of the year, Pancake Day. ‘Tik-Tokers’ from the US have got everyone making ‘Pancake cereal’. This new way to eat pancakes has become so big it seems to be the one of the top trending breakfast foods of all time and has overtaken the iced coffee trend that took off way back in lockdown number one, the hashtag #pancakecereal has received over 1.6 billion views on the app.

The concept is literally what it says on the tin – people are making these tiny pancakes, filling a cereal bowl covered in milk and topped with all sorts of different sauces, syrups and decorations. It sounds odd, but it is honestly genius and very aesthetically pleasing too. ‘Tik-Tokers’ make them look super simple to re-create, using various everyday utensils to squeeze pancake mix into tiny circles into your average pan, for example you could use a professional piping bag or just a water bottle lid. Sometimes these little tutorials are a lot harder than they look, but they are truly as simple as they seem and although slightly time consuming, worth all the attention they are getting.

So, having been pancake day this week, will this trend take over the traditional way to celebrate? Is the OG crepe style more appetising? Or are the fluffy American style pancakes always going to be the winners? Either way, I love this new trend and can’t wait to see what blows up on ‘Food TikTok’ next.