I recently had the opportunity to attend a Q&A session with James Gill, Head of Agency & Channel Team for EMEA at LinkedIn, through the Alliance of Independent Agencies. It’s clear that LinkedIn has transitioned from what was essentially an online platform of CV’s, to the ‘go-to’ place for businesses and professionals to network, publish, share knowledge and consumer news. And with over 720 million members now on LinkedIn, it is a business tool that should not be ignored.

Here are a few of my take-outs from the session:

  • 4 out of 5 members of LinkedIn members are actively involved in driving business decisions
  • 40% of members actively using LinkedIn are looking for news content
  • There has been a 60% yoy increase in content creation and a 55% yoy increase in conversations among connections
  • Completed Company pages receive 30% more weekly views – so include all relevant information, including ‘about us’ page
  • Company pages see x2 more member engagement if they post content daily
  • LinkedIn suggest using the 321 model for improving engagement and organic reach – Each week post:
    • 3 pieces of industry related content
    • 2 pieces of proud content
    • 1 piece of product/service related content
  • Further ways to improve your organic reach:
    • use relevant hashtags
    • join and participate in groups
    • join networks
    • @mention peers, employees and companies

It’s clear that this platform is a key business tool, from an individual and company point of view. If your business needs support with developing strategic content plans, content generation and amplifying your key messages- we’d be happy to chat about your objectives. Get in touch with the team at Jellybean.