According to PDSA’s Animal Wellbeing report (Feb 2020), 51% of UK adults own a pet, 26% of those are cat owners. I am proud as punch to say I own one of the approx. 10.9 million felines in the UK right now.

At the start of this year, blissfully unaware of what was about to unfold just mere weeks later, I brought home my gorgeous Silver Spotted British Shorthair, Leo. He has been the most amazing companion whilst working from home. It’s bring your pet to work day every day now and whenever I’m feeling stressed, just hearing him purr or stroking his soft coat settles me and eases any anxious feelings I have at the time. It’s actually a proven fact, researchers at Washington State University have found that petting a cat (or dog) can relieve stress in just 10 minutes!

After spending this year learning so much about this precious animal and quite frankly falling completely in love with them, I have chosen the registered charity Cat Cuddles as my beneficiary for Jellybean’s 12 Days charity campaign. Cat Cuddles works to promote and strengthen the feline-human bond and helps pair up unwanted cats with loving forever homes and owners.

This devoted volunteer-run charity rehomes cats who may be healthy or poorly, in need of affection, attention and rehabilitation, or simply in need of a new loving home. Another main objective of theirs is to help the elderly keep their cats, when they have pressure to give them up due to lack of mobility, by helping them with vet trips and occasional hands-on care. The charity says: “We believe pets are the most precious form of therapy to humans and they should remain in caring, familiar environments. If we can help make this possible for as many as our resources can support, it will be worth the effort.” Hear! Hear!

Cat Cuddles’ success is entirely based on the goodwill, selfless dedication and work of its volunteer team. Funding comes solely from donations and in addition to greatly needed financial donations, Cat Cuddles appreciate donations of time as well as new and thoroughly cleaned, used goods including food, litter, blankets and toys. If you’d like to donate, click here.

If you’re considering adopting your own feline friend, Cat Cuddles has some important information for you to read. It’s essential that you’re ready for the commitment. And if you are, they’d love to hear from you.