Kent Search and Rescue (part of the Lowland Rescue unit) is a charitable organisation dedicated to assisting the emergency services in the search for and rescue of vulnerable missing persons. Its voluntary members make themselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. They provide an essential service for the local community by responding to and supporting Kent Police, the Local Authority and other emergency services when they need to search for a vulnerable person who goes missing.

Members are spread throughout Kent and sometimes beyond, giving the broadest level of cover across the county. The organisation is always looking to recruit more volunteers as Kent is a large county and local knowledge can be extremely helpful for a successful search. My father, Alan, recently underwent a challenging recruitment and training process to become a member and he has just successfully qualified as a team medic for the Kent Police Tactical Search and Rescue Unit.

Sadly, searching for vulnerable missing persons is an all too common occurrence and the team has been called into action many hundreds of times in recent years. This year alone there have been 167 call outs. Charitable donations are necessary to ensure this valuable service continues and enable this incredible team of volunteers in conjunction with the emergency services to continue find and safely rescue members of the public that go missing and prevent loss of life.