For this year’s Christmas Charity initiative, I am pleased to continue with my support for an amazing charity called The Hope Charity Project based in Sussex.

The HOPE Charity Project has been set up to help families who are worried or struggling to support their children who are suffering from mental health or emotional health issues. These children and families may be struggling at home, behind closed doors, or are already in the overwhelmingly stressful hospital admittance system and struggling to cope with everything or everyday life. They provide counselling, advice, support, a listening ear and many different and effective therapies that aid healing, promote positivity and inspire emotional calmness. They also connect and support families going through similar experiences and aim to build natural support networks that are close to home and instantly reachable.

I have chosen to continue my support for this charity again as it is very close to my heart, as I have growing teenage children myself and can understand the stresses, pressure and strains that teenage children have to go through at this time of life and in society. So many people, young and old, struggle to say I need help but with a charity like Hope, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Be heard, be supported, have HOPE together, you are not alone.