What a rollercoaster of a year 2020 has been!  As we edge ever closer to waving goodbye to another year, another decade in fact, little did we know as we entered it, how we would be ending it. With so much uncertainty in a year that has been challenging for many, there are still so many people suffering who need our help. Christmas offers the perfect opportunity to give where we can by offering a much-needed lifeline. Off the back of two successful years of Jellybean’s 12 Days of Giving, this year we may well be doing things a little differently, but our aim remains the same; to give back. In doing so, this year we will be giving an average daily wage to a charity of our choice.

For most, the festivities that this time of year would normally bring would have started weeks ago (ok, months ago) as the countdown to kickstart the joyous celebrations could begin. At Jellybean HQ, Michael Bublé’s ‘It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas’ receives its first socially unacceptable rendition in early June. But unfortunately, the global pandemic has changed how we would usually be spending the festive period. So although for a lot of us this year will be very different to previous Christmas’ gone by, for others, who are sadly living on the streets, it remains the same; cold, hungry and with nowhere to go.

In a year where most have been trapped inside, imagine a world where you didn’t have somewhere to call home, a safe place to shelter away and enjoy a hot meal. For those who are living on the streets, this is their reality. According to the Guardian, more than 135,000 young people were homeless or living in temporary accommodation across Britain last year. That is why this year, my chosen charity is Step by Step, a young people’s charity that offers help and support to young people going through tough times, which includes homelessness. Its key motto is: Step by Step. Young people. Hard times. Bright futures. Their aim is not only to help by providing young people with a warm, dry place to stay but also to inspire and empower them when they need it most. This Christmas, Step by Step is asking people to donate and help to ‘open doors’ for young people. Just one £30 donation can help to accommodate and support a vulnerable young person for a day. Step by Step operates 365 days a year, and while for a lot of people this time of year is about spending time with family, the grim truth is for some of these young people, that won’t be the case.

This year might be a quieter affair, where we won’t be welcoming the arrival of favourite festive food markets, crowding round the ice rinks as a brave few attempt their best Torvill and Dean only to end up looking like Bambi on ice or dashing away to discover some magical snowy destination. The true spirit of the season remains the same, but in the comfort of our homes and that should be the case for everyone. This Christmas, let’s take joy in the little things and help each other where we can and also try to remember, that although we may well be spending a bit more time inside, not everyone will have that luxury.

Stay safe, stay merry, and Happy Christmas to one and all.

For more info on the Step by Step Christmas campaign: