At Jellybean, we love to raise money for charity. I’ve always wanted to take part in Movember and felt like this year was the perfect time to give back and do my part.

Movember is the one of the leading charities that is helping to change the face of men’s health. Sadly, men are dying young across the country due to many different causes. Which is why Movember raises money for a range of men’s issues from prostate and testicular cancer, to mental health and suicide prevention.

So across November, men grow moustaches (risking looking ridiculous in the process) to raise money for this fantastic cause. This year Steve and I decided that it was time to grow that mo!

Did we look ridiculous? Maybe a little.

Did more Zoom conversations centre around our facial hair than normal? They sure did.

Did we raise money? Yes! We had a target of £100 and smashed it straight away. In the end we raised £185.

Thank you to everyone who donated to help us raise money and thank you to Fiona for matching all our donations. Our moustaches may be gone now, but the money will go on to help tackle men’s health issues in the future.

you can still donate here!