The Big C

There are so many worthy charities that need support, funding, and resource. Over the years I have donated to many of them and will continue to do so, but The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity will always be my ‘go to’. My loyalty to it will never change, nor will my immense gratitude for the care that the Royal Marsden team gave my father in 1996.

This charity aims to support many aspects of the Royal Marsden hospitals. As you would expect, it looks to fund further research and breakthrough drugs, as well as state of the art equipment to help with diagnosis and treatment. This is critical to providing patients with the world-leading treatment and care that they do.

But it also looks to support in other, more subtle ways. Many of which are unknown to most but play a major part in getting people through some of the toughest times they will ever experience.

It’s the garden spaces where patients and loved ones can sit, stop and take a breath; it’s the children’s play areas where they can release some energy and get back to being children; it’s the calm and tranquil lounge areas for sharing moments away from a hospital bed; it’s the soft teddy bear given to every young inpatient in the Oak Centre for Children and Young People; it’s the artwork on the wall that allows you a moment to stop and refocus.

With something as big as Cancer, sometimes it’s the little things we need to find strength, perspective and comfort.

A little goes a long way. All donations, however small, go towards providing the very best care for patients and loved ones. I have seen and experienced that care first-hand and will always be grateful.