We thought we knew cocoa, until that is we started working with Olam Cocoa to launch their new range of deZaan premium cocoa powders – which made us think again! We couldn’t believe the range of colour and taste variants they had developed, taking cocoa from an everyday staple to something to truly inspire professionals in the kitchen. And it seems the more you discover about cocoa, the more there is to learn – from pH to dutching, fat content to intrinsic and extrinsic colour (who knew!). Working with Olam Cocoa on the launch of their new responsibly sourced professional range has been a real education.

This incredible range of professional cocoa powders developed for professional chefs, bakers and pâtissiers has also been put through its paces in a number of bean team kitchens during lockdown and the results have been outstanding! The range includes six individual cocoa powders, each with their own distinctive flavour and colour profile, all designed to inspire creativity in the kitchen. From mild and fruity, to velvety and rich flavours, as well as an exciting colour palette ranging from Crimson Red to True Dark and Carbon Black, this is the ultimate cocoa range for professionals.

Simon Brayn-Smith, Vice President of Olam Cocoa for Professionals explains:

“deZaan cocoa is for the taste obsessed. We know that taste is the most important factor for chefs (70%) when choosing a cocoa brand. There is now a specific range that meets the needs of professionals who want greater control over the flavour and colour of their final creations. Cocoa is a core ingredient and it’s time to rethink it. deZaan cocoa will open up a whole world of creativity and the only limit is your imagination!”

Tasked with ensuring chefs, bakers and pâtissiers who are looking to elevate their creations hear about this exciting development in cocoa, we worked with Olam Cocoa to create a targeted and integrated launch campaign across PR, social, digital and creative. The campaign not only focuses on driving awareness and education, but crucially on ensuring these incredible cocoa powders reach the hands of professionals where they can truly speak for themselves.

To find out more visit: www.dezaan.com