Now more than at any other time in recent history, food and drink suppliers, retailers and the whole of the supply chain are in the spotlight as they pull together to feed the nation. For food and drink brands looking to not just survive but thrive through these unprecedented times, now is not the time to step back from trade communications – quite the opposite is true. Stepping up, planning and managing effective trade communications is the right thing to do as it will ensure suppliers are providing retailers, trade press and other key industry stakeholders with the support and information that is desperately needed and so critically important.

So, just how healthy are your trade communications? Using our free 20-point trade communications health check brands can now discover if they are going to be fighting fit to thrive or if they might need some critical care to survive. Complete the free health check to receive a trade communications health score and benefit from an optional, free, no obligation, 30-minute consultation on the practical steps suppliers can take to improve their overall trade communications health.

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