Street food is becoming increasingly popular around the world, giving people the chance to taste authentic specialities and experience local culture. In Europe, there are numerous sweet and savoury delicacies to choose from in each city and country, but here’s a selection of our favourites from around the continent.

Pasteis de Nata in Lisbon

These iconic Portuguese sweet treats are similar to the British custard tart, with a crispy outer pastry and caramelised creamy custard in the middle, best enjoyed warm and fresh with a light dusting of sugar and cinnamon. Although found across Lisbon from many street vendors, the best place to try these is where it all started, in Pastéis de Belém.

Fish and Chips in Brighton

The traditional British staple food of fish and chips is best enjoyed at the seaside, where the salty air makes the dish taste even better. Although this dish is served in many pubs and restaurants in Brighton, the best is served in paper wrapping and enjoyed out in the open, ideally whilst sat on the beach.

Chimney Cake

Chimney Cakes in Prague

This Czech delicacy is a sweet treat, also known as Trdelnik. They are a hollow spiral of dough, coated with sugar and cinnamon and filled with a variety of fillings such as ice cream and fruit. Head to Good Food Bakery for the best chimney cakes in Prague and enjoy a Chimney King, which is filled with vanilla ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauces, nuts and chocolate brownie chunks.

Souvlaki in Athens

Greece is well known for its delicious food, and street food in Athens is no exception. The delicious flavours of meat cooked with garlic and oregano in a fluffy pitta with fresh tomatoes and creamy tzatziki brings together the perfect combination that is Souvlaki. You’ll find street vendors and tavernas offering these all around Athens, which will go down perfectly after a day wondering the streets and historical sites of Athens. One of the best souvlaki’s is found in Elvis in Metaxourgeio.

Gelato in Florence

Where better to get the best gelato from than its (rumoured) birthplace – Florence? True artisanal gelato is so much better than your bog-standard ice cream and is well-worth the indulgence. Beware of tourist traps with neon signs and over-sugared products in Florence and head further out to discover the likes of My Sugar, serving flavours such as Stracciatella, Fragola, Black Milk Tea and Frutti di Bosco.

Currywurst in Berlin

Although the list of German sausages are endless, the currywurst is definitely a firm favourite amongst both tourists and Berlin locals. Made with sliced pork sausage pieces covered in a curried ketchup sauce and often served with a portion of fries, this street food makes for a truly comforting and satisfying dish. You’ll find lots of great places for a Currywurst in Berlin, including some great vegan and vegetarian options at most vendors too.

Belgian Waffles

Waffles in Bruges

Some of the best Belgium waffles are found in the small town of Bruges and are a popular sweet treat with tourists. These freshly made fluffy waffles can be topped with a choice of sauces, fresh fruit, chocolate and other sweets, but a personal favourite has to be chocolate sauce and pistachios. If you head to go.fre, you can enjoy these waffles on a stick, which make them (slightly) easier to enjoy!

Pizza in Rome

Pizza is one of life’s joys and is even better when eaten fresh on the streets of Rome. Choose from traditional street vendors such as Pizzarium serving classic slices of pizza rossa or pizza bianca, or go more adventurous at places such as Trapizzino who combine a pizza and sandwich with a pocket of pizza dough filled with tomato sauce, cheese and other fillings.

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