If you’ve spent any time in the food and hospitality industry you will have come across Hospitality Action. Whether it’s boots on the ground charity spadework or mixing with the great and the good at black tie events, they are a constant presence and a force for good in the industry.

I’ve been at Jellybean now for (gasp) 17 years, during which time we’ve been proud supporters of the team at HA who are not just professional colleagues but also (I’m equally proud to say) friends.

The work they do to provide support to those in our industry who are desperately in need of it is genuinely life-changing. Their philanthropy has not only changed the fortunes of those who have requested it, but also helped to engender a sense of compassion, support, empathy and charity amongst all of those who work in the industry.

So it won’t come as a surprise to learn that again this year I’m supporting HA as part of Jellybean’s 12 Days of Giving programme.

Building on the success of last year’s Social Sunday campaign, I’m again working to support the Social Sunday web presence, which will serve to highlight to diners which restaurants around the country are taking part in this initiative.

Our design studio has long served to support HA across a raft of disciplines such as print, digital, exhibition and social – last year we built the Social Sunday website from the ground up and this time around we’re working to add some new features as well as tweak some existing ones. A wise choice of CMS as well as flexible and extendable template choices mean HA have a a very robust and easily updateable site which will serve and support this vital event for many years to come, allowing it to become a key features of the food and drink events calendar, raising vital money as it does so.

So as ever, keep your eyes on the site at www.socialsunday.org and be sure to support events in your area. The wonderful thing about this industry and charities like it is that when you’re faced with great hospitality it never feels like charity – it feels like fun. So dig (and drink) deep and support the men and women who keep us fed and watered day and night and especially over Christmas.