At Jellybean, we like to stay on top of all the established and emerging trends – and on-top is the place to be. Enter dirty fries.

Piled with everything from queso to kimchi, ‘Loaded’, or ‘Dirty’, Fries have gradually risen to reign supreme over many a menu. It’s been years in the making and now dirty is definitely the deal, with most burger-heavy establishments pretty much guaranteed to champion a loaded fries option – or three. Shake Shack’s Crinkle-Cut Fries (smothered in their cheddar and American cheese sauce) are a signature side for the chain, Meatliquor have no less than five loaded fries options and Poptata’s whole offer is DIY Dirty fries.

Dirty fries take a simple side option and transforms it into a main event, perfect for sharing due to the larger portion sizes and, interestingly, they also tend to drive menu diversity. After a lifetime of (fairly native) French fries as our favourite accompaniment (barring the sweet potato craze) loaded options are pulling in all sorts of fun from around the world. We’ve had the popularity of Poutine, a Canadian combination of chips, cheese curds and gravy, eaten Dirty Curry Fries at Turtle Bay and seen everything from pastrami to pickled seaweed to pulled jackfruit (often the vegan replacement for pork) gracing our spiralised spuds.  That’s not to say Britain isn’t bringing its best too, with lamb shoulder, roast chicken and even Marmite!

Dirty Fries

There seems no end to tantalising toppers. Luckily for you, we have a little list of where to find some of the most deliciously dirty fries currently about town:

The Poutinerie (Brick Lane) – Poutine – If chips swimming in cheese curds and gravy sounds like your kind of deal, The Poutinerie is possibly the best place to get this Canadian dish in London.

Dirty Bones (Shoreditch, Soho, Carnaby)  – Crispy Lamb Fries – Gluten free and topped with crispy lamb, sweet miso, red chilli and jalapeño.

Bleecker (Various) – Angry Fries – Topped with blue cheese and buffalo sauce.

Prairie Fire Pit (Elephant & Castle) – Brisket, Cheese & Jalapeño Fries  – and you can wander around the rest of Mercato Metropolitano food market, too.

Oli Baba’s (Camden) – Halloumi Fries – great for vegetarians. These halloumi fries come sprinkled with pomegranate seeds, herbs and drizzled with yoghurt.

Dexter Burger (Purley) – Fries with Pulled pork, Crème Fraiche and Spring Onions, as well as the occasional loaded special.

Hubbox (Bristol) – SIX OPTIONS, including Vegan Chilli Fries (topped with vegan chilli, white onion, diced jalapeños & vegan cheese) and Mother Clucker Fries (buttermilk-fried chicken, cheese sauce, Korean BBQ sauce and sour cream).

The Hobgoblin (Bristol) – Dirty Dirty Fries – These doubly dirty fries are smothered with pulled pork, bbq sauce, secret spices, melted Cheddar, blue cheese and coriander mayo.

Best be getting dirty, then!

Dirty Fries

Image on right thanks to The Fancy Foodie

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