The humble biscuit, it’s crumbly, sweet and sugary.

Tea and biscuits have for a long time been the power couple behind solving a multitude of problems, partners in a crime, they’re an irresistible duo. Originating from a flat storable version of bread, dating back to Roman times, cooked once, removed from the oven and cooked again, this is how the biscuit was given its Latin name ‘bis cotus’; meaning twice baked.

Anybody who knows me knows I’m a massive advocate for a good brew (check out my tea blog here, team it with my biscuit of choice (ok, pretty much any biscuit) and I’ll be one happy lady.

From your classic Hobnob, to a vanilla filled Custard Cream or even the much debated (is it really a biscuit?) Jaffa Cake, the ‘bickie’ world is a big one. But the real question is; to dunk or not to dunk? And when it comes to dunking it certainly is an art to be mastered. With all this in mind and as National Biscuit Day approaches, I decided to put the research to the test in my very own experiment, don’t worry biscuit dunkers, I’ve got you! Without further ado, here’s my run down in the battle of the biscuits, which was victorious, and which crumbled under the pressure?  (cue Peter Kay’s classic stand-up routine…)

I only have one rule, and one rule only, each biscuit is to be dunked halfway into a freshly brewed cup of char, all must be fair in love and war.

The predictions from first to last:

1) The Ginger Nut – The new kid on the block but when crunch time hits, I reckon this tough nut will be the champion.

2) The Chocolate Digestive – An oldie but a goodie, 94 years old to be precise and there’s a reason this old timer has been around for so long, a real contender!

3) The Custard Cream – The outsider, double the layers, double the time, right?

4) The Bourbon – A chocolate sandwich, what’s not the love? A temptingly perfect biscuit but will it rise to the challenge? I’m not sure.

5) The Chocolate Chip Digestive – Admittedly I’m a devotee myself; a classic dunk-able treat which secretly I’m routing for (not that there’s any favouritism in this test).

6) The ‘Nice’ Biscuit – Reportedly named after the French city ‘Niece’, will this coconut flavoured biscuit be so ‘Nice’ in the battle to the top? I think not!

7) The Malted Milk – Maybe a bit of a plain jane, but that doesn’t mean this malty player won’t be able to cope under the pressure or will it?

The Results from first to last:

1) The Chocolate Digestive – victorious! Coming in at the top of the leader board, with a very impressive performance of 35 seconds.

2) The Bourbon – a hard shell for a reason, the Bourbon held its own with a considerable 29 seconds.

3) The Custard Cream – closely behind, the custard cream dropped out in 28 seconds.

4) The Ginger Nut / The Malted Milk – coming in joint 4th but both taking the plunge in 22 seconds.

5) The Chocolate Chip Digestive – alas, my favourite just didn’t stand the test of time, crumbling in an upsettingly short 15 seconds.

6) The ‘Nice’ Biscuit – In last place, crashed and burned in a rapid 13 seconds.

So, copious cups of tea and an empty biscuit barrel later, there you have it. Let’s all admit it though, there’s nothing quite like a good cuppa to enjoy all that biscuit-y goodness. Mind you, regardless if you’re a dunker or not, it’s safe to say us Brits certainly do love a biscuit… or 3!