In today’s society, food is no longer a way to feed yourself. It has now become a lifestyle, which many millennials call being a ‘foodie’. A person who has a passion or refined interest in food, who eats food not out of hunger, but due to their interest or hobby. A ‘foodie’ is constantly in search of the perfect photograph, consisting of perfectly composed food on a perfect plate, in a perfect setting. ‘Foodies’ will do whatever it takes to capture their desired shot, whether that means standing on a chair or table in the middle of a busy restaurant to get the ideal angle.

Every year, millions of pictures of food are posted on social media with Instagram being the pivotal platform for a picture of the perfect pastry, or two. As it stands, there are currently 188 million hashtag mentions on Instagram under #Foodporn. A recent study from YPulse shows 63% of people between thirteen and thirty-two years old post their food pictures on social networking sites while they are still eating. Moreover, 57% of people in the same age range posted a description of the food they were eating at that time – it is no wonder that the #FoodPorn trend has exploded. Food on social media is a key trend to watch and using the hashtag #FoodPorn means the food industry can easily track audiences on social networking services to see what’s hot!

Social media has become a powerful asset for marketing within the food industry with many restaurants adapting themselves to be ‘instagrammable’. With more and more millennials posting their food on social platforms, standout food concepts are thriving. Restaurants have clocked on to this craze and are now tempting us by their menus, their interior and even their toilets! As crazy as it sounds, it is worth the effort and provides restaurants with free publicity and marketing.

So…if you’re in need of an obligatory foodie pic to add to the collection, these are just a few of the places you’ll want to hit up:

Sketch – London – An obvious one for the gram…Sketch is kitted out with bubble-gum pink velvet booths and armchairs. Afternoon tea in the Gallery is a must in this impeccably chic restaurant to the stars, however, if you want something more intimate and pretty, Glade offers that extra dose of Sketch magic. Just don’t forget the mandatory toilet snap, too!

Tonight Josephine – London – Remaining one of the coolest bars in London, I’m sure you’ve seen the pink neon sign ‘well behaved women don’t make history’ appear on your Instagram feed at least a couple of times. If you simply want a quick snap of your cocktail or a selfie with the infamous sign, Tonight Josephine is sure to hook you up with the ‘night of your dreams’.

Tattu – Leeds – Describing themselves as ‘Permanently Unique’, Tattu brings contemporary Chinese cuisine to the north, combining traditional flavours with exquisite presentation to create a unique and exciting dining experience. Each restaurant takes its guests on a sensory journey with its award-winning interiors. Mounted pictures of body art sit on the walls and a cherry blossom tree spans the entire restaurant.

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